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About Us

Follow your passion, and sucess will follow you


The purpose of creating our site was to release deals that no other online stores could offer, and essentially creating “Slick Deals”. By maintaining direct relationships with manufacturers, we can go direct and pass on the savings to our customers. We also offer un-advertised deals to our subscribers so you don't want to miss out on those.

The MaisonTouch staff try to keep up with the latest trends and hottest new products. All our items are guaranteed to be 100% Authentic.


We don't own or create any of our own products. We team up with some of the most influential vendors and their manufacturing partners to bring you the best product at a fair price.  

Each product we sell is produced fairly with great quality control.


Why Shop from 

Outstanding Customer Service - our job is to make sure you are satisfied! contact us for any questions or concerns about your package and we will quickly respond! Email us at 

Easy Shopping Experience - We strive to make shopping online simple and easy. Many stores can have daunting and confusing layouts. Our store is hosted on the secure Shopify platform with easy to navigate layouts with everything you need to know.

Expert Advice - Our employees are highly trained professionals to provide prompt actions to any situations. We also handle your orders in a timely and efficient manner to give customers the best shopping experience.

One Stop Shop at the best price – we bring a comprehensive list of trendy deals and offer the most competitive prices online.



Wouldn't it be amazing if every woman and girl believed in themselves? That's what we at MAISONTOUCH want and we believe that we can help. 

We also want to ensure MAISONTOUCH is contributing to a sustainable future through our partners manufacturing processes.

We are aiming for MAISONTOUCH to become the leader in the Women's Apparel, Bag, Shoes and Accessories Market and for our customers to absolutely love everything about our styles. MAISONTOUCH has a keen eye on its customer – its ability to understand, predict and deliver on its customers’ preferences for trendy fashion at affordable prices.

The MAISONTOUCH philosophy is simple.

“I had an amazing experience at MaisonTouch online store, Affordable women clothes that dress up and dress down, fabulous fabric and trendy styles. I get compliments on everything I wear from your collection literally every time I wear them!”

Lisa John

Fashion Design

Jane Doe


Cartherin Forres

Marketing Director